• In-depth immune cellular profiling reveals sex-specific associations with frailty.

      Samson, Leonard Daniël; H Boots, A Mieke; Ferreira, José A; J Picavet, H Susan; de Rond, Lia G H; de Zeeuw-Brouwer, Mary-Lène; Monique Verschuren, W M; Buisman, Anne-Marie; Engelfriet, Peter (2020-01-01)
      In the association study, frailty was found to be associated with increased numbers of neutrophils in both men and in women. Frailer women, but not men, showed higher numbers of total and CD16- monocytes, and lower numbers of both CD56+ T cells and late differentiated CD4+ TemRA cells. The random forest algorithm confirmed all the findings of the association studies in men and women. In men, the predictive accuracy of the algorithm was too low (5.5%) to warrant additional conclusions on top of the ones derived from the association study. In women however, the predictive accuracy was higher (23.1%), additionally revealing that total T cell numbers and total lymphocyte numbers also contribute in predicting frailty.