• Diverse tick-borne microorganisms identified in free-living ungulates in Slovakia.

      Kazimírová, Mária; Hamšíková, Zuzana; Špitalská, Eva; Minichová, Lenka; Mahríková, Lenka; Caban, Radoslav; Sprong, Hein; Fonville, Manoj; Schnittger, Leonhard; Kocianová, Elena (2018-09-03)
      Free-living ungulates are hosts of ixodid ticks and reservoirs of tick-borne microorganisms in central Europe and many regions around the world. Tissue samples and engorged ticks were obtained from roe deer, red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, and wild boar hunted in deciduous forests of south-western Slovakia. DNA isolated from these samples was screened for the presence of tick-borne microorganisms by PCR-based methods.