• HEATHSOL: a heathland competition model

      Bakema AH; Meijers R; Aerts R; Berendse F; Heil GW; MTV; RUU; LUW; Resource Analysis Delft (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVM, 1994-03-31)
      This report describes the model HEATHSOL. HEATHSOL has been developed to simulate the competition for nitrogen and light between grass and heather species occuring in natural heathlands in the Netherlands. The model aims at predicting the biomass of both grass and heather species as influenced by both nitrate and ammonium deposition, and will be used for evaluating the effects of different deposition scenarios on the species composition of heathland communities. Simulations can be carried out with a community of one of the grass species Molinia caerulea and Deschampsia flexuosa and one of the heather species Erica tetralix and Calluna vulgaris. Sod-cutting can be simulated at user-specified times as a management practice. When Calluna vulgaris is simulated, stochastically simulated heather beetle plagues can be included.