• "De kwaliteit van het drinkwater in Nederland, in 1992"

      Versteegh JFM; Wetsteyn FJ; LWD; RIMH/NH-FL (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVM, 1994-06-30)
      The minister for Housing, Physical Planning and Environment promised to inform The Parliament every year about the quality of the drinking water in the Netherlands. The report "the drinking water quality in the Netherlands in 1992" is based on the information from the Water Supply Companies to the Inspectorates for Public Health and Environmental Protection. This information is used to prepare nine regional reports which are used as background information for this national report. Non-compliance of drinking water samples to the drinking water standards are incidentally. Only non-complaince of bacteriological parameters has impact on public health, however there have been no hazardous situations at all. Most case of non-compliance deal with ethic and easthetic standards. Non-complaince of drinking water standards were taken away with adequate measures.<br>