• Resultaten van het meetprogramma drinkwater, 1994 voor parameters uit het Waterleidingbesluit en enkele aanvullende parameters

      Versteegh JFM; Gaalen FW van; Baumann BA; Smit E; Vaas L; LWD (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVM, 1995-12-31)
      An overview is given of the monitoring program for drinking water quality carried out by RIVM on behalf of the Dutch Drinking water Inspectorate. The program has a regular part and an additional part. The report shows for 1994 the parameters with a deviation for the regulations in the Dutch Drinking water Act. The additional program consists of cobalt, antimoon, radon, ethylcarbamaat and pesticides. The results of the program (both regular and additional part) give no reason to take additional measures to protect public health.