• Informatieanalyse Waterbeheer. Beleidsmonitor water

      Milieu- en Natuurplanbureau MNP - RIVM; Maaskant, JFN; Leewis RJ; Bresser AHM; V&W-DGW-DWW; RIZA; RIKZ; IMP; NLB; NMD (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVM, 2004-01-21)
      The information on the quality of water systems is rather well structured and accessible. It is sufficient for the writing of annual reports, including supporting reports for the VBTB procedure. Well functioning collection systems for large parts of that information are in place. Sharper formulation of policy objectives, and a better definition of those objectives that must be reported on within the VBTB-frame, leads to a better evaluation and a more efficient gathering system. At the moment, information is lacking on a few subjects, or it is not collected in a centralized way. This concerns particularly information on water quantity, infrastructure and spatial planning. More detailed agreements are needed, particularly with the (water) authorities. The water management is changing rapidly, chiefly as a consequence of the European Water Framework Directive and the implementation of the so-called Water Management 21st century. Process information on the progress of these changes is not centrally available. For future evaluations information is wanted from adjoining policy domains (Environment, Spatial Planning, Agriculture, Nature). Provision of information must link up also with these policy domains.