• Een verkenning van de kwaliteit van het grondwater in de Provincie Noord-Brabant

      Snelting H; Grakist G; van Duijvenbooden W; Boumans LJM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVM, 1992-12-31)
      Within the framework of the Provincial Environmental Survey, the province of Noord Brabant has commisioned the RIVM to describe the chemical composition of the groundwater, based on the survey of 1991. The resulting report is based on the analytical results from the National Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network (LMG) and the Provincial Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network (PGM). The main focus of this report follows the well-known environmental themes of "Eutrophication", "Acidification" and "Dispersion", in relation to the most vulnerable situations and most important soil types and landuse. In the report the analytical results, tested against the standards, are given and compared with the situation in the most vulnerable (sandy) areas of the Netherlands.<br>