• Jaaroverzicht luchtkwaliteit 2001

      Beck J; Breugel P van; Buijsman E; Diederen H; Noordijk H; Ruiter J de; Tromp J; Velders G; Velze K van; Hammingh P; et al. (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVM, 2002-12-20)
      The air quality for 2001 is found to strongly resemble that for 2000. The decreasing trend in concentrations seen in the nineties, is still valid on the whole. Concerning the meteorological influences, 2001 can be considered as a normal year. Widespread exceedances occurred for ozone and PM10, and in the deposition of potential acid and total nitrogen. In the urban environment, exceedances of the annual mean limit value for NO2 occurred along road length of about 2000 km. Calculations for benzene and benzo[a]pyrene showed that exceedances were incidental. This annual air quality survey provides an overview of the air quality and the load placed on soils and surface water by atmospheric deposition in the Netherlands, on the basis of measurements and model calculations. The report describes global, photochemical, acidifying, particulate and local air pollution. Special attention has been paid to the Dutch air quality in relation to the new European legislation on air quality.