• Surveillance van HIV-infectie onder injecterende druggebruikers in Nederland: meting Almelo/Enschede/Hengelo 2000

      Haks K; Berns MPH; Snijders BM; Watzeels JCM; Regteren AF van; Laar MJW van de; Tactus instelling voor verslavingszorg, Hengelo; CIE (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVM, 2001-09-24)
      Between May 19 and July 4 2000, a saliva specimen and a completed questionnaire on risk behaviour were collected from 79 IDUs in Almelo, Enschede and Hengelo. Participation was on a voluntary basis and anonymous. Participants were recruited via methadone care services. Of the 79 IDUs, two persons were infected with HIV (prevalence 2.5%, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.3-8.8). Of the 40 current injectors, 30% had borrowed used syringes or needles in the previous six months. This level is much higher than most of the other cities studied in the Netherlands (11-17%). Condom use was very low during sexual contact between steady partners (92% not always using a condom); 44% of the IDUs had a non-drug user as a steady sexual partner. At this low level of HIV prevalence, the risk of spread to non-IDU or the general population is also low.