• The use of quantum chemically derived descriptors for QSAR modelling of reductive dehalogenation of aromatic compounds

      Rorije E; Richter J; Peijnenburg WJGM; ECO; IHE Delft (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVM, 1994-04-30)
      In this study, quantum-chemically derived parameters are developed for a limited number of halogenated aromatic compounds to model the anaerobic reductive dehalogenation reaction rate constants of these compounds. It is shown that due to the heterogeneity of the set of compounds used, no single descriptor or combination of descriptors was able to adequately model the reaction under investigation. Thus subsets had to be created out of the group of compounds. For these subsets it is shown that the assumed reaction mechanism was correct as indicated by the relatively good correlations established between the reaction rate constants and descriptors that can be explained in terms of the reaction mechanism. The database of reaction rate constants for halogenated heterocyclic aromatic compounds was too small to enable the creation of subsets. Therefore no satisfying relationships could yet be obtained ; it may be anticipated that upon additional data becoming available, similar results will be obtained for these compounds as well.<br>