• Ontwerprapport 2005 kiesBeter.nl

      Loon AJM van; PCAl Droomers; E Keesman; H Janssen; JAM Lijdsman; HB Mulder; Veen AA van der; Vrijsen WJJ; VTV (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu RIVM, 2005-09-01)
      Since September 2004 RIVM's Centre for Public Health Forecasting (VTV) in the Netherlands has been working on the development of an Internet portal for the general public called kiesBeter.nl ('Make a better choice'). Via this portal, consumers will have access to integrated information on health, care and healthcare-insurance services, and be able to get answers to their questions on these items. Members of the public always have a lot of questions on disease, treatment and healthcare insurance. The planned changes in the healthcare system will also mean that consumers/patients will have to make more of their own decisions on healthcare insurance and treatment. People will therefore need more accurate information to be able to make choices. KiesBeter.nl hopes to satisfy this need by supplying easily accessible and reliable information on health and care. Here, we present the 2005 detailed draft programme for kiesBeter.nl, including a guide to healthcare insurance, costs of medicines, hospitals, physicians, nursing services, care and homecare facilities, and care for the mentally retarded. The information service for reporting complaints and illnesses, and information on illness, and preventive and patient organizations is expected to be up and running in the course of 2005. The specific needs of visitors to the site will continue to be inventoried during construction and development of the portal. However, making material accessible to the general public demands sound knowledge and skills in communication, marketing & marketing research - all points that will be receiving extra attention.